Man with a dream: the story of St. John Bosco

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Torino e i torinesi (1898)

Don Bosco Souvenirs autobiographiques

Don Bosco His Pope and His Bishop

One essay-study of the relationship between St. John Bosco and Pope Pius IX based on DB’s letters to the Pope and others, 1858-1872, and two essay-studies of the controversies between Abp. Gastaldi of Turin and DB during the years in which the Saint sought the Holy See’s approval of the Salesian Society. This meticulously documented book brings the period of the 1850s to 1880s alive and presents a behind-the-scenes account of the most difficult period in DB’s life. 252 pp pb  (Rome: LAS)

Give Me Souls! Life of Don Bosco

Stories of Don Bosco

Don Bosco (Braido)

San Giovanni Bosco (Favini)

Il beato Giovanni Bosco (Favini)

Un grand Educateur. Saint Jean Bosco (Auffray)